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AOpen video conferencing solutions completes your communication needs, bring you closer to people in business or recreational environment. We provide you with various H.324 compatible accessories. A color CCD camera with USB, Mini-DIN or RCA interface, microphone, video capture card and EasyAxcessTM ( Video Conferencing software ) are included with the VC 324 Lite/324 Pro. VC324 Pro provides 56K modem and sound card combo solution. More over, VC324Pro include Supervoice (fax/modem, speakerphone utility) and SVD games to give you a complete, high-performance video conferencing solution.

Product HighlightsLive video and audio conferencing over POTS
Remote video surveillance
Real-Time video capture up to 30 frames per second
Color CCD camera
Integrated Video Conferencing and Fax/Modem utility
Flicker free picture
Focus distance from 0 to infinity


AOpen AGP-bus graphics accelerators feature state-of-the-art performance and trend - setting options. Our video cards work flawlessly with any system of standards-based components and they are fully compatible with every major operating system and graphics application.

The GeForce 4 is the newest of the gaming cards. Accelerate your gaming to the future.


AOpen sound card works in perfect harmony with game, educational, Web, audio, and video phone applications. Add new dimensions to games and multimedia with realistic 3D wavetable sound.

Product Highlights High-performance audio chipset
A3D or SRS 3D sound technology
Digital reverb and chorus effects
32-note polyphony and 16-part multi-timbral